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2022 Elevator Witness Testing for CAT1, CAT3 AND CAT5 in New York City.

All buildings with elevators and escalators must adhere to the DOB elevator codes. By doing so this helps ensure that all elevators and escalators are properly functioning and this also helps ensure all passengers are safe.

The DOB elevator and escalator codes effect all five boroughs including Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. The requirement is that all elevators and escalators must be inspected and tested twice per year. In many cases, these inspections are unannounced. The inspection companies are contracted by approved companies that do inspections for the DOB. All this information can be referenced at the following website NYC Maintenance of Buildings Codes.

Witness testing of the inspections helps ensure that elevators and escalators remain a safe and reliable form of vertical transportation. Vertical Systems Analysis is a DOB approved, licensed in NYC elevator consulting company that can perform Witness Testing.

The NYC Department of Buildings Guide to Elevators describes the different category tests as follows:

Category 1 (CAT1)

No load safety test performed between January 1st and December 31st each year

Category 3 (CAT3)

Performed on water hydraulic elevators only every three years from date of installation

Category 5 (CAT5)

Building owners and managers have the responsibility to hire licensed, competent elevator inspectors to preform the witness testing. Witness testing is performed with speed and with rated load every five years from the installation date of the elevator according to NY Law.

As a building manager, you have the responsibility of hiring a 3rd party impartial elevator consultant to witness the testing of your elevator as described above. (In other words, you are hiring this third party to witness the inspection of your elevator. Vertical Systems Analysis is licensed in the city of New York to complete this witness testing.

Did you know that elevator consulting companies that provide witness testing are able to spot 50% more violations that could disrupt the service or safety of your elevator? One more incentive is that having this witness testing completed is beneficial to your buildings insurance, so be sure to send the evidence of this witness testing to your insurance company. One more reason is that it is the law.

What happens during witness testing? During the escalator and elevator test, both are tested in extreme conditions and do not rely on normal operations during testing. This is by design as it allows the elevator consultant to highlight small issues that later might become major ones. By testing to the extremes it also helps ensure that the safety of all elevator and escalator passengers is paramount.

There is a new NYC elevator code that will go into effect on November 7, 2022.

Choosing VSA for your building 3rd party witness testing.

Vertical Systems Analysis is a New York State licensed that can perform test witnessing as a third party agency. We have a terrific support staff that can complete your third party inspections, processing and even file the fees for your building. For more information, call (800) 989-5525

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