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Since 1986

Welcome to Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc. or VSA. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with offices in Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami, we have been providing elevator consulting services since 1986 in all boroughs of New York City, and across the US.


VSA offers a full range of services for all types of vertical transportation. We have been elevator and escalator consultants to thousands of building owners and property managers in the New York City area and nationwide.

We specialize in modernizing existing systems, as well as new construction. Our range of elevator consulting services includes surveys and feasibility studies, design engineering, traffic analysis and test witnessing. We are very experienced in working with the Department of Buildings, and handle violations and permit requirements for new systems and modernizations of existing systems.








If your property has received a violation relating to the system in your building, our elevator experts can help you navigate through the resolution process. Our expediting team can help you clear all types of existing Department of Buildings violations, as well as all Elevator Division issues.

Let VSA help you to provide reliable, safe and efficient vertical transportation to your property and its tenants. Each project we undertake receives specifically crafted design and consulting services, providing the best result for each client’s needs.


Elevator Violations


We look at each project from every angle, to ensure all necessary work is performed. During the planning stages, our highly skilled team members establish and maintain the projected budget, using their specific technical expertise, keeping lines of communication with clients open at all times. 


Our implementation schedules are carefully and accurately prepared, in order to meet each client's target goals at every phase of construction. Depending on the client’s requirements, we can expedite or re-arrange schedules as needed. 

Our Process



Our specifications and related documents are prepared by our project managers and design team. Completing this aspect of the project in-house affords us the focus and accuracy necessary to the successful completion of any project.


We pride ourselves on having the foresight to manage budgets and consider future operating and maintenance costs. VSA focuses on cost-effectiveness and compares options to maximize each client's vertical transportation system's efficiency and economy. 




We have established, long-term relationships with many architectural firms, general contractors, specialty consultants and building owners' representatives. These partnerships help us to closely monitor tasks throughout each phase of a construction project. 


Solid planning is the backbone of any project. When we design a vertical transportation system, our in-house engineering department ensures the drawings are precise and match the design criteria. VSA also revises drawings submitted by other team members, resolving any mechanical, technical or code issues as they relate to the particular project.

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