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As a building owner, it could be very damaging to have an under-elevatored building, or equipment that was purchased as top of the line but fails to deliver expected dependability and proper performance. Owners can also sometimes find themselves limited in their ability to purchase competitive maintenance service, due to the proprietary nature of some manufacturers' computerized control systems.


VSA provides critical evaluations and comparisons of equipment manufacturers' processes, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the manufacturer that best fits your specific requirements and budget. We supply you with the design and development services you need, as well as the specifications and project management essential to take the project from its origin through to completion, with the right maintenance specifications to protect your investment.


New Construction


We visit the job site, collect detailed information in regards to the existing equipment, check all machine rooms and hoistways, measure various performance times, and note any maintenance items we deem insufficient. 


The reporting we provide will tell you about the equipment you currently have installed, its age, overall condition and lack of performance, and will inform you of any recommendations we have for its maintenance and modernization, in the short term and long term. We will provide you with a list of work and budget estimates to begin planning your elevator modernization.



VSA is a full service elevator design and engineering firm. Unlike most elevator consultants, who only provide services to building owners and architects, VSA also provides services directly to elevator companies. Though we are frequently involved with new construction projects, the greater portion of our work is related to the modernization and alteration of existing elevator systems.


We provide elevator submittal shop drawing preparation. This service is especially well suited to laying out more complicated alterations, mainly those involving structural changes and other complex conditions. The drawings and engineering produced are suited for submission to owners, consultants and jurisdictions; are instrumental in ordering and fabricating equipment; and are essential for proper field installation.

Design Engineering


Building drawings and layouts are reviewed to determine the optimal elevator application, elevator machine room, elevator pit alteration and/or significant details. We conduct a site visit to make a visual determination of the prevailing conditions, and make a determination of the feasibility of the elevator installation, based upon our research and comparison with existing site conditions.


We visit the job site to observe the traffic flow of the vertical transportation equipment, perform a thorough evaluation of the current condition of the equipment and quality of the maintenance currently being performed. We check cleanliness and housekeeping of equipment, and evaluate the performance of the elevators based upon age and other conditions, measuring them against industry standards.

Feasibility Studies


Category tests are performed in order to ensure safer and more reliable service.


VSA performs thousands of Category 1 and 5 tests annually throughout the five boroughs of New York.  When we witness a Category 1 or 5 test, you will know you are receiving a truthful, unbiased and independent opinion about the condition of your vertical transportation system.

Test Witnessing


We provide a full range of consultancy services for your vertical transportation equipment.


In addition to our in-house experience and expertise, we employ the use of design software to dynamically model traffic flows within a building to determine the most efficient and economical outcomes and solutions.

Traffic Analysis



  • Full-Service Permit Filing - filing for all phases of elevator work

  • New Installations

  • Permit filing for repairs, modernizations, maintenance and amendments

  • Violations

  • Perform elevator search and secure copies of PVT, ECB and/or Local Law 10/81 violations

  • Expedite violation dismissals and assist with the preparation of all necessary forms (Affirmation of Correction, Certificate of Correction, etc.)

  • Provide all services required to attain complete ECB violation dismissal; submit COC, attend ECB Court and follow up with violation dismissal and penalty payments

  • Provide and file electrical permits

  • Follow up and schedule all inspections (including electrical inspections

Permit Expediting


We prepare our modernization specifications based upon a comprehensive visual examination of the elevator and escalator equipment in a building or project. We ensure that all equipment is non-proprietary, and that the scope of work meets the needs of the building. VSA specifications cover everything from the machine room to the pit, including the hoistway, hoistway equipment, overhead and the elevator cab.


Once the specifications have been written, we will meet with you to discuss, clarify and fine-tune the scope of the work based upon existing budgets and finalizing the list of prospective bidders. Having a specification written ensures that the contractors are pricing the same scope of work, while sending it out to bid ensures competitive pricing. Owners receive sealed bids, in order to choose which contractor will be the best fit for the project. We manage the drawing approval and fixture/cab selection phases, and finally oversee the construction phase through the completion of punchlists, providing a 100% completed project before final payment is approved.

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