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NYC DOB Elevator Code In Effect: November 7, 2022
(ASME A17.1 2019)

The NYC Department of Buildings have made numerous Code changes that will affect new elevator installations and modernizations. We have listed an excerpt of the two most notable Code changes below.


NYC Code Changes become effective November 7th, 2022


  1. Two-way communication to include voice/video for new elevator installations and modernizations for hearing impaired. (ASME A17.1 2019)


This code change will require the building to have a  24 hour / 7 days a week monitoring service.


There will be a camera in the cab with the specialized emergency phone  “help” button with a video screen, and a “Yes” and “No” buttons. When the “help” button is pushed it goes to the authorized monitoring service. A message will appear when call is acknowledged. When the operator answers it will display a message with questions to be answered by pushing the Yes or No buttons.


The camera will be used to see if people are entrapped, if no one responds and they do not see anyone, the help call will be canceled. If people are in the elevator, help will be dispatched on an emergency situation depending on the circumstances.


A message will be displayed notifying passengers that help is on the way.


  1. Elevator in readiness for Fire Department emergency access. (BC 3003.3.1)


Buildings 5 stories in height or more, underground buildings and high-rise buildings shall keep at least 1 elevator for immediate use by the Fire Department during all hours, seven days a week including holidays. The elevator in readiness shall serve all floors of the building.


Occupant Evacuation Elevators are for tenants & visitors to escape from a building. All hoistway have a 2-hour fire rating and the doors have 1.5-hour fire rating, after November 7, 2022, elevators will be used to evacuate passengers in an emergency situation.

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