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Your Building Might Be Ready for a Vertical Transportation Modernization.

If your hydraulic elevator has been in operation for over two decades, or your overhead traction elevator has hit the three-decade mark, it's probably time to consider an upgrade. Even more urgent are the Machine Room Less (MRL) traction elevators, which typically last only 10 to 15 years due to their reliance on computerized controllers.

As an elevator nears the end of its intended lifespan, its components inevitably wear down, leading to increasingly costly repairs. Comparable to maintaining a car, finding replacement parts becomes a challenge and increasingly more expensive.. This can result in extended periods of elevator downtime as you wait for the necessary parts, a particularly pressing concern for buildings that rely on round-the-clock elevator functionality.

At VSAConsulting, we specialize in recognizing when elevators are approaching the end of their serviceable life. Our expertise allows us to collaborate closely with building managers and owners to develop a streamlined and budget-conscious modernization strategy. A well-planned approach can significantly minimize disruptions and costs throughout the process.

Navigating Your Elevator Modernization Modernizing an elevator system is no small feat. VSAConsulting excels at guiding building owners through every step of this intricate process:

  • Expert Consultation: Engaging a licensed elevator consultant, like VSAConsulting, is crucial.

  • Permit Facilitation: We assist in obtaining the necessary local and state permits before commencing modernization work.

  • Project Timeline: Our team outlines a comprehensive project schedule, including the estimated downtime for elevator operations.

  • Collaboration with Other Trades: In some cases, related tasks such as fire alarm system updates, electrical panel upgrades, and HVAC adjustments might be required.

An added perk of modernization lies in enhanced building energy efficiency. Elevators typically account for 2% to 5% of a building’s overall energy consumption. By embracing modern technology, you can expect a marked improvement in the overall energy efficiency of your property.

Why Choose VSAConsulting? VSAConsulting is a licensed elevator consulting firm based in New York City, conveniently situated in midtown Manhattan. For any inquiries regarding building modernization or elevator upgrades, feel free to contact us at or call us directly at 212-989-5525. Our expertise is at your service, helping you steer your building towards a more efficient and future-ready vertical transportation system. .

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