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Why Your Vertical Transporation Project Needs an Elevator Consulting Company

Every elevator consulting company has heard a building owner, facility manager or property manager say the common phrase, “I have three bids”. This is often in conjunction to when a commercial developer or condo association is completing an elevator modernization, elevator upgrade or elevator repair, dumbwaiters, or escalators and lifts and even some other related elevator projects.

When it comes to elevator consulting companies and how to address the idea of “I have three bids” on an elevator modernization or elevator upgrade projects, we have some counsel on how to proceed.

First, it helps to understand how projects come about. The owner of the building will typically call 3 or 4 elevator companies to repair, modernize or upgrade their building. They assume that the bids will come in at a similar price and scope and it will be easy to determine the best elevator company to do the work. At this point, the building owners typically will determine that they will need help reading the bids and determining the best elevator company to complete the work. That is when an elevator consulting company is reached out to in order to help choose the appropriate company to complete the work.

While the elevator companies that originally bid on the project may submit a bid that is similar to the other companies, there are many other factors that can cause delays, code violations and even costly change orders. This is why it is always a good idea to hire an elevator consulting firm. They will complete an assessment of the project from the beginning and provide a comprehensive scope of work so that all the work is done timely, and with an eye toward mitigating as much risk as possible. This extra and necessary step ensures that best practices as well as the International Building Code standards are followed and that the necessary budget requirements are also taken into consideration.

If your building or company is thinking about an elevator modernization, upgrade, repair or any other elevator related project, give us a call and we would be happy to help as an elevator consulting firm with offices in New York City, Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia.

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