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Why Your Building Needs an Elevator Consultant

Today, work-life is more hectic because most companies are trying to do more with less. Most managers are also wearing multiple hats with more responsibilities and less staff. This is on top of the pressure to work within a budget. A building elevator is likely one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in any building. One key cost-saving measure that any building can do is to regularly optimize the reliability and performance of the elevators within your building. This will have the positive effect of keeping costs low over time. This will also allow your building to avoid unanticipated costs. Protecting these assets when business is good will help in more lean times. Consider the following tips.

Preventive maintenance should be a top priority: To keep an elevator running to its optimal life cycle requires taking care of the equipment. We often see equipment needing modernization due to a lack of keeping up on maintenance requirements. This also often results in costly repairs having to be done because routine maintenance has not been kept up to date. One thing that elevator consultants can help with is oversight of services you may be paying for but are not receiving. If you are being charged for services that you are not receiving an elevator consultant can help. Get to know your elevator service contract. This contract informs building managers or other stakeholders on everything that is covered. Many times this document is hard for a layperson to read since it is written in technical language. In fact, it is very common for businesses to be charged for work that is actually within their service agreement. Elevator consultants can help your company understand what is covered and what isn’t in your elevator service contract. Elevator consultants can also manage the overall records of your equipment which will be relevant in understanding the history of work on your elevator. Ensure the building is keeping detailed records of maintenance and service. There is no better way to understand whether your elevator is receiving preventative maintenance and if the elevator companies are following the service contracts than to keep records of that maintenance. These detailed records provide benefits that are critical to the building. The building can determine because of these records, whether their contract is being fulfilled. The building can also determine whether they are overpaying for services, or whether those services are being performed at all.

These few tips allow for stakeholders of the building to have more control over their elevators and escalators. Following them allows for the unknown to become known. It will also help reduce unnecessary repairs, costs and downtime. This also allows for building managers and stakeholders to concentrate on other matters. Implementing a system of oversight by working with an elevator consultant can make this process easier. You could be surprised by the amount of money this will save your company. Recovered money can be in the tens of thousands to the millions.

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