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Why Preventative Maintenance is Important.

Every building owner has many decisions that need to be made and priorities that compete for his/her time each day. Maybe one of the most important cost-saving things that any building owner or manager can do is to optimize the reliability and performance of the elevators and escalators in the building. By doing this it helps to avoid unplanned costs and will keep the maintenance costs lower over time. Here are some other things to keep in mind regarding your buildings’ elevators and escalators:

Preventative maintenance needs to be a priority for every building owner and manager. In the long run, this practice will save a lot of money instead of what many building owners choose to do which is just repair elevators and escalators when they are broken. Another benefit is that you can put off modernizations longer if the equipment is regularly serviced and not just when it is broken and needs repair. Maintenance consulting is a core service of VSA Consulting and we have many buildings in the NYC area on yearly contracts.

Make sure you understand your elevator service contract. The elevator service contract details everything that is covered. Many times the language in the contract is hard to read as it provides technical details that are not easily understood. However, if you do not know what is in the contract, you may be paying for services that are already included as part of that contract. Understanding and tracking your elevator and escalator service history is important and an elevator consulting company like VSA Consulting can help you with this task.

Keeping records and understanding your service level contract is an important step for building owners and managers to take with their buildings’ elevators and escalators. Preventative maintenance reduces costs of unnecessary repairs, downtime and also allows for building personnel to focus on other things rather than emergency repairs. Working with an elevator consulting company may be the right choice for your building owner or manager. VSA Consulting is a licensed New York City elevator consulting company.

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