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Why Modernizing Your Elevator is Important.

Just like your car, elevator parts can wear out over the time your elevator is in service. The length of in-service time can vary based on technological advances, and the overall environment. Preventative maintenance can certainly help extend the elevator in-service time, but eventually, all elevators need modernization.

Here are some of the best ways to plan an elevator modernization that will help protect your investment and help ensure that the modernization is successful for all those relying on it in your building.

What is elevator modernization?

Typical elevators have a lifespan of around 15-20 years. One of the factors that contribute to this is that many times because of advances in technology, the parts may be obsolete and unavailable to replace. Other than technology several conditions including the usage amount also greatly influence the elevator's lifetime.

Modernizations can be done more cost-efficiently, by using the existing elevator infrastructure. This option allows for the latest technology to be installed in any elevator even if the original installation is many years ago.

Planning Your Elevator Modernization

The goal of any modernization project is to ensure that the downtime of the elevator is as minimal as possible while maximizing the efficiency of the user experience once it is finished.

Having a modernization plan for your elevator can include more efficient equipment and minimizing the impact of the users that may use that elevator every day. Modernizations also may save money and downtime over the life of the elevator.

The plan for any modernization includes the overall costs, equipment needed and technology upgrades. These are often included in an overall timeline for the project.

The Risks of Waiting on Your Elevator Modernization.

Remember as we said earlier, elevators have a total lifespan of approximately 15 – 20 years. After this time as we noted earlier, the technology and equipment will likely be out of date. If an upgrade is not planned, your elevator runs the risks of having increased downtime due to the availability of repair equipment and other factors.

A modernization that is not planned for can be expensive and take a lot longer than a planned modernization. The reason for this is that it takes time to troubleshoot the equipment and acquire the spare parts needed for the modernization and the installation time. The downtime for residents and tenants can be especially inconvenient in this case too.

Planning for modernization will ensure you have the time and the budget to ensure the downtime is as minimal as possible.

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