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What Your Company Should Know

About the New Door Locking Monitoring Code in NYC.

Vertical Systems Analysis has put together this post to tell you everything you need to know about the new DOB requirement for NYC Elevators. The City of New York issued this code change and is requiring completion of all elevator upgrades no later than January, 2020. We’ve been hearing from building managers, building owners and other related personnel and are here to provide more information on what is required and why.

1. What is the Door Lock Monitoring Code? It is highlighted below, but basically it is to monitor and prevent automatic operation of the elevator with faulty door contact circuits.

2. This requirement is for automatic elevators only.

3. This requirement is in place because of safety issues and tragic accidents in recent years that the DOB is hoping that this new code will address and remedy.

4. Many of the accidents were caused when the elevator was allowed to move with the doors open. This will be avoided with the new code that will require that the elevator carriage is locked in place until all the doors are properly closed. This will be the case for any open doors on any floor.

5. Elevators installed after 2009 likely already have this precaution/circuit but it may be set in the “off” position. However, if the elevator was installed prior to 2009, there may be modifications that need to be made in order to ensure the elevator and circuit is in compliance.

6. Once the work on the elevator is complete, an engineering company will need to sign off on the elevator and the fact that it is in compliance. Vertical Systems Analysis is a DOB Licensed Elevator Test Witnessing Agency.

In fact, on your behalf:

On your behalf, Vertical Systems Analysis will:

- Perform a survey of all elevators and buildings to determine scope and type of monitoring necessary.

- Evaluate the condition of equipment and expected life cycle to determine best approach to meeting the Code.

- Contact Elevator Contractors requesting survey and proposal for Door Locking Monitoring installation.

- Evaluate proposals submitted and make recommendations of Contractor and equipment manufacturer.

- Verify schedule and pricing for installation to be completed.

- Perform a post inspection after each installation to ensure all elevators are in compliance.

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