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What services does Vertical Systems Analysis (VSA) provide?

VSA is an elevator consulting company and provides the following services:

New Elevator and Escalator Construction Services

Building owners and building managers need to have elevators and escalators that are performing well at all times. This is critical to the successful operation of any building that requires an elevator and/or escalator. There are times that owners or building managers find themselves in a position where they need to evaluate maintenance service contracts that are highly specialized and often involve extensive computerized control systems and technical language.

Vertical Systems Analysis provides comparisons and evaluations of this critical equipment and the manufacturers processes. This allows any building owner or building manager to make an informed decision on this evaluation based on their specific budget and requirements. VSA will provide all the design, specifications and development services that are needed to help ensure any new elevator or escalator project will run smoothly from origin to completion.


VSA will collect detailed information at the job site of the elevator or escalator. Part of the gathering of information is to check all the hoistways and machine rooms and to evaluate and measure the performance of the equipment. VSA will note any performance issues as part of their Survey report.

When the VSA Survey is delivered it will provide the equipment age, condition and note any performance issues that were observed. VSA will also provide recommendations on improvements including budgets to modernize any of the equipment they surveyed.

Elevator Design Engineering

Vertical Systems Analysis, (VSA) is a full-service elevator engineering and design firm. Most elevator consulting companies only provide their services to building owners and architects, but VSA also works with elevator companies. What that means, is that VSA is often involved in new construction projects, but the larger share of business comes from modernization of existing elevator systems or alteration of an existing elevator.

For any building structural changes we provide elevator submittal shop drawing preparation. This service is very well suited for alterations that are more complex. The drawings produces are submitted to consultants and jurisdictions that are required for ordering fabricating equipment. They are also required for proper field installation.


Building drawings and layouts are reviewed to determine the optimal elevator machine room, elevator application, elevator pit alternation and/or other significant details that should be taken into consideration. The first thing that VSA will do is conduct a site visit to make a visual determination of the feasibility of the planned elevator installation based on the current prevailing conditions.

The other factors that VSA will consider when doing a Feasibility Study is observing the flow of traffic in the existing elevator and/or escalators and they will perform a through evaluation of the equipment in its current condition. VSA will also observe the quality of the maintenance that is currently being done. Other factors include the equipment age, cleanliness, housekeeping and the overall performance of the equipment against industry standards.


· New Installations

· Full-Service Permit Filing - filing for all phases of elevator work

· Perform elevator search and secure copies of PVT, ECB and/or Local Law 10/81 violations

· Expedite violation dismissals and assist with the preparation of all necessary forms (Affirmation of Correction, Certificate of Correction, etc.)

· Provide all services required to attain complete ECB violation dismissal; submit COC, attend ECB Court and follow up with violation dismissal and penalty payments

Permit filing for repairs, modernizations, maintenance and amendments

· Violations

· Provide and file electrical permits

· Follow up and schedule all inspections (including electrical inspections)

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