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VSA Elevator & Escalator Design and Modernization

At Vertical Systems Analysis we offer a number of elevator and escalator consulting services. We have over 30 years of experience in New York City and also have offices in Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia. Whether you are contemplating a new building, or are a decade or more into the operations phase on an existing structure, Vertical Systems Analysis can help with each of the distinct phases of designing and construction of your elevator or escalator needs.

There are several design services that VSA provides for any elevator or escalator project.

Schematic Design:

VSA will work with other project stakeholders to produce a schematic design. This will meet all the project requirements including budget, efficiency, speed, and other service requirements that your company or stakeholders may have.

Design Development:

Once the schematic is approved, VSA will produce a final design. For every project, it is critical to have an experienced, professional elevator consultant that will lead the project and help avoid any unforeseen project delays and any other factors that might affect the elevator design.

Construction Documents

This is what is provided to the contractors who will bid on building the elevator or escalator solution. This is commonly known as the Construction documents and they are detailed and serve as the guideline for the contractors to use in order to complete the build

Contractor Negotiation

Vertical Systems Analysis can also manage the bidding process on your behalf. We have 30 years of industry experience and have helped countless clients through the negotiation process. We will help ensure the right building contractor is chosen for each specific elevator or escalator project.

Overall Construction Administration:

VSA also provides overall Administration services, so your company can have peace of mind that all of the details are taken care of and that the project remains on time and on budget. This includes jobs reports, progress reports, final project review and punch list.

Vertical Systems Analysis also provides Elevator Modernization Services. This is a popular request as it describes the process of upgrading the critical parts of the elevator or escalator in order for it to leverage new new technology, have better performance, improve safety, or even update the overall look or design.

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