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VSA Consulting Services 2023

Feasibility Studies

VSA Consulting provides feasibility studies. This is where building layouts and drawings are reviewed to determine optimal elevator application, elevator pit alteration, elevator machine room and/or other significant details. VSA Consulting conducts a site visit to make a visual determination of the feasibility of an elevator installation. This feasibility determination is made based on research and comparison of the existing site conditions.

VSA Consulting visits the job site to observe overall traffic flow of the vertical transportation equipment, and makes a determination of the current condition of the equipment and quality of the overall maintenance currently being performed. VSA Consulting also checks cleanliness and overall housekeeping of the equipment to evaluate the overall performance of the elevators based on their age and other conditions. These factors are always measured against industry standards.

Category Tests

Category Witness tests are performed in order to help ensure reliable and safe service.

VSA performs thousands of Category 1 and 5 tests annually throughout the five boroughs of New York including Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. When VSA Consulting performs witnesses a Category 1 or 5 test, you will know you are receiving a truthful, unbiased and independent opinion about the condition of your vertical transportation system.


VSA Consulting provides a full range of consulting services for your vertical transportation equipment in New York City.

In addition to our in-house experience and expertise with all vertical transportation, we employ the use of design software to dynamically model traffic flows. This is completed within a building to determine the most efficient and economical outcomes and solutions for vertical transportation.


· Full-Service Permit Filing - filing for all phases of vertical transportation work.

· New Installations – please see new Elevator Code from November 2022 for New Installations.

· Permit filing for repairs, modernizations, maintenance and amendments

· Violations

· Perform elevator search and secure copies of PVT, ECB and/or Local Law 10/81 violations

· Expedite violation dismissals and assist with the preparation of all necessary forms (Affirmation of Correction, Certificate of Correction, etc.)

· Provide all services required to attain complete ECB violation dismissal; submit COC, attend ECB Court and follow up with violation dismissal and penalty payments

· Provide and file electrical permits

· Follow up and schedule all inspections (including electrical inspections

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