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Vertical Systems Analysis, (VSA) is providing key information for Property Managers and Building Own

VSA Consulting has created this key information for property managers to help ensure that their elevators and escalators are performing well throughout the year. As all property owners know, when elevators go down, it is not only inconvenient, but it can create havoc on people most affected that are people who occupy, visit, own or manage the building.

The people most affected by the elevator downtime often have very little knowledge of how that equipment is maintained or managed. That is because elevator and escalator equipment is always specialized and mechanically complex. VSA Consulting is providing this list as a way of empowering building managers and property owners with key information that will assist them in keeping their escalators and elevators running smoothly throughout the year.

Here is the checklist.

- Always analyze your service records and keep a detailed record of maintenance. You may be already paying for services you aren’t receiving. Just make sure that your service records and maintenance schedules are always up to date.

- Be sure that you actually understand the service contracts and the key terms and conditions set out in them. There is important information in them that will protect the building tenants and ownership.

- Understand how to determine if the elevator performance is within industry standards and ways to track performance including usage, downtimes, and other issues.

- To avoid costly noncompliance fees, be sure to stay on top of code safety requirements.

- Maybe one of the most effective tips is to simply get a working knowledge of the elevator and escalator equipment in the building. This will also help with all the prior mentioned tips.

VSA Consulting is here to help property managers and property owners with all of the complexities of vertical transportation management. By providing consulting services, industry knowledge research, emerging technology, modernizations and more, VSA Consulting can help your building with all the property manager and property owner vertical transportation needs.

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Oct 29, 2021

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