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Vertical Systems Analysis Announces Intern Appointment from Prestigious New Jersey High School.

Vertical Systems Analysis (VSA), a New York, based elevator and escalator consulting and engineering firm with offices in Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Naples announces the appointment of a new Intern, Derick Cortes from the prestigious New Jersey, High Technology High School.

Derick Cortes, is currently a Senior in High School and plans to continue his education in college where he plans to study Civil Engineering. Derick had a choice in this 6-month appointment and he chose Vertical Systems Analysis because he was inspired by his father’s acumen as a mechanic where he spent a lot of time with him fixing the family car. He enjoyed learning about mechanical dependencies and their interworking and felt that modern marvel of elevators would be a good place to learn about their mechanics in an exciting city. While at Vertical Systems Analysis, Derick has been joining the team on site visits and using the REVIT software to create hand drawings and renderings for use in client reports.

“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Derick Cortes” said Ed Voll, COO and Founder of Vertical Systems Analysis, “his enthusiasm and quick ability to learn has proved to be a great addition to our team.”

For more information on Vertical Systems Analysis and their services, please visit:

About Vertical Systems Analysis

Vertical Systems Analysis was established in 1986, and is a New York & Philadelphia based vertical transportation consulting and engineering firm that specializes in elevator and escalator design, technical drawing and specifications for new construction and modernization as well as traffic analysis, maintenance condition audits, annual test witnessing, permit filing and expediting as well as all other required third party agency certifications for elevators and other lifting devices. For more information on Vertical Systems Analysis, please visit

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