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Vertical Systems Analysis an Elevator Consulting Company

Vertical Systems Analysis has been working with some of the most prestigious healthcare, retail and large commercial buildings in New York City since 1986. Two of the most requested services that Vertical Systems Analysis performs are Elevator Inspections and Elevator and Escalator Design. If you are modernizing a building in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago or Miami, we can help with all of your elevator designs. We produce distinctive, modern designs that can also employ green technology solutions.

There are a couple of types of elevator designs

Hydraulic elevators

Hydraulic elevators are not widely used in new installations in high rises because of their low energy efficiency and environmental impact, but they were widely used in the past because of their relative low cost to install and operate. They basically utilize a piston that pushes the elevator up as a motor forces hydraulic fluid into the piston. Then, conversely, it decends when a valve releases the fluid from the piston.

Geared and Gearless Traction Elevators

A traction elevator just means that it is an elevator that is lifted by ropes that pass over a wheel attached to a motor. These are a favorite in mid to high rise commercial buildings because they can go much faster than a hydraulic elevator and are much more efficient too. The ropes and sheaves on these elevators must be checked regularly to ensure the elevator is running safely.

What makes a green elevator design?

According to the EIA, of the 112 Million households and 5.6 Million buildings, of which combined they consume about 40% of the world’s energy. In those commercial buildings, elevators account for about 2% - 10% of the buildings total energy use. While the elevator manufactures are working to get those numbers down, as an elevator consulting business we can help by ensuring that we are working green design options into the overall elevator design. More sustainable choices can be utilized when choosing interior paints, control panels, flooring, HVAC systems and lighting. In fact all of these factors can contribute to eventually getting the elevator an overall score for LEED, which is an accreditation by the U.S. Green Building Council.

New York City Category Witness Testing

Category Witness Testing is specific to the New York City. According to the Department of Buildings they require all elevators to be annually inspected. This inspection is called a Category 1 test. Owners and managers are responsible for hiring an approved elevator inspection agency to perform the An unaffiliated third party must also provide a witness of this inspection. The Category 1 tests must be submitted by December 31 of each year. For more information, please visit the Department of Buildings website.

Invoice Review & Permit Filing

Another service that Vertical Systems Analysis provides is Invoice Review and Permit Filing. We provide this service for filing permits for all phases of elevator work. This can be related to new installations, maintenance and amendments, repairs and modernizations. We can also help with any violations your company has received on your elevators and we can perform elevator search and secure copies of PVT, ECB and any local law 10/81 violations. This includes expediting the correct forms for any violation dismissals including an “Affirmation of Correction” or “Certificate of Correction”. Then, we can also manage and schedule all your upcoming inspections.

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