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Updated Elevator Inspection Requirements for New Jersey

Vertical Systems Analysis has been in the vertical transportation consulting business for almost 35-years. This blog post highlights new regulations from the (DCA) New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs. If you are a building owner or manager, you will need to complete this Required 6-month rotating inspection. (A.17.1) Vertical Systems Analysis can help complete these inspections on their required 6-month rotation.

Vertical Systems Analysis has many clients in New Jersey including Nokia Bell Labs and Mack-Cali among others. We also have offices in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago among other offices throughout the United States. VSA provides comprehensive elevator consulting services including modernizations, surveying, inspections and more. For more information go to

Specifically, this new regulation updates the ASME A.17.1 to require that the Owner of the building is responsible for the 6-month rotating inspection, however, this inspection will no longer be performed by the (NJDCA) New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Further the ASME A.17.1 shall be maintained by the building owner which shall make such records available to the authority having jurisdiction. This essentially means that New Jersey has adopted a regulation eliminating performance of Routine (six month) inspections by the New Jersey licensed elevator inspectors.

Vertical Systems Analysis can perform these rotating 6 -month elevator inspections required by all building owners.

Further information regarding Inspection Requirements: N.J.A.C. 5:23-12

Routine and periodic inspections shall be made at intervals of not more than six months for man-lifts only, and at intervals not exceeding those set forth in Appendix N-1 of ASME A17.1 referenced in the most recent edition of the building subcode for elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and moving walks.

Our qualified and licensed staff will perform the inspection, as outlined in applicable Codes and sub-chapters. Vertical Systems Analysis (VSA) will sign and certify all required paperwork which accurately reflects our findings.

Vertical Systems Analysis looks forward to working with you and your team on all of your vertical transportation needs in 2020 and beyond. Call us today to get started on these six-month inspections in New Jersey or on any other project.

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