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There are a few different types of elevators, and how they are used differs as well.

The invention of the elevator is heralded as one of the most consequential advancements in human history. The earliest versions of elevators appeared during the Middle Ages and they have evolved into a variety of different types of elevators that we regularly use today.

Hoist Elevators: The first hoists appeared in 3rd Century, B.C. In those early depictions, hoists could be powered by humans, water, or animals. These early drawings seemed to use a system of ropes and pulleys to lift up large objects like pieces of stone or wood that would have been used in building construction. Without these hoists many ancient monuments and buildings would have never been built.

Steam Hydraulic Elevators: After the Hoist Elevators the next type of elevator that was invented was one that utilized steam hydraulics to power the lifting system. This system was invented during the Industrial Revolution responding to the need to lift bulk materials out of mines and various factories. English architects Frost and Stutt were credited with the invention of an elevator called the Teagle, which was a powerful lift that relied on the use of a counterweight to provide the extra boost of power necessary. These steam-powered elevators led to the invention of the part of the modern elevator, elevator shaft. This invention led to the machines that are more recognizable as the elevators we see today.

Motor Elevators: After Edison invented electricity, it was just a short time before elevators began to be powered by motors. In fact, a German inventor, Werner von Siemens invented the first electric elevator in 1880. This elevator was for the time, safe, fast and more efficient than the steam elevators that preceded it. Another notable person Frank Sprague added floor control and acceleration control and other safety features that to this day help keep our modern elevators safe.

There are many kinds of elevators depending on what you need to move. Understanding the capabilities each kind of elevator can provide will help you choose the appropriate elevator for your purpose. Here is a list of types of elevators.

· Boat lifts

· Stage lifts

· Dumbwaiters

· Freight elevators

· Sidewalk elevators

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