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The Role of an Elevator Consulting Company and Why You Want to Hire One.

If you are a property manager, building engineer, building owner, REIT or facility manager; don’t just call an elevator mechanic when your escalator or elevator isn’t performing or breaks down. An elevator consulting company ensures that someone is checking what your chosen elevator mechanic is fixing. Building elevators and escalators are expensive purchases that you want to last as long as possible with the fewest breakdowns since they are very disruptive to the users of those passenger elevators and escalators. Another benefit of Elevator Consulting companies is that they will double-check that the right work has been done and ensure that your elevators don’t need any other repairs to meet the DOB (Department of Buildings) requirements for your city or state. An elevator consulting company is always up to date on compliance dates and elevator codes that are coming up and will keep your elevator and escalator on track for any compliance changes that your building is required to perform.

One more benefit that an elevator consulting company can provide is that they can save you money as a building owner, building engineer or property manager. Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc. is a New York City DOB-licensed elevator consulting company. At VSA, we ensure your building does not overpay for any unnecessary elevator and escalator repairs and also ensure that the work you have paid for with an elevator mechanic also gets completed.

An elevator or escalator is a complex piece of equipment and if your building is only getting one opinion on a project that you know little about, the opportunity for unnecessary expensive repairs increases. That is why elevator consultants can provide a great service for your building. At VSA we can manage the project and help ensure that you get the best price to fix your buildings’ elevator and/or escalators.

Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc. is a Elevator Consulting firm located in New York City.. Our typical clients are building engineers, building owners, property managers, facility managers and REITs that are responsible for the oversight and safety of their elevators and other vertical transportation assets such as escalators. Our service offerings include: Elevator Consulting, New Construction, Survey, Feasibility Studies, Witness Testing, Permit Expediting, Traffic Analysis and Design Engineering. Get in touch with us for any of your vertical transportation needs.

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