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Reducing Elevator Costs

As building managers know elevator maintenance contracts that go unfulfilled is one of the top issues driving up elevator costs for building owners. Regular maintenance and servicing are done through elevator service providers and those contracts ensure that equipment is maintained. This critical regular maintenance helps eliminate costly repairs that often result from deferred maintenance. These servicing contracts also help ensure that the vertical transportation stays safe for all the passengers. Some estimates say that 80% of the time, elevators are not receiving the regular servicing that building owners are already paying the contracts on.

Here is a typical case in point. As an elevator wears and soon requires repair, an elevator service provider is called, and then a bill is sent to the building owner. Many times the building manager or other stakeholder is unaware that the building is already under contract and if they had kept up on the maintenance under the existing building contract, the costly repair may not have been necessary.

Elevators are often the most expensive property in any building. By making sure that maintenance contracts are kept up, the building owner, or other stakeholder is protecting this necessary asset.

Escalators are also an important asset in any building, so the same is true. Ensuring the maintenance is regularly done, can help ensure that your Escalators or other vertical transportation is rarely down for costly and disruptive repairs.

Ensuring all contracts and maintenance are up to date can be accomplished through an elevator consultant. Vertical Systems Analysis, (VSA) is an established elevator consulting company with thirty-five years of experience in New York. There are also offices in Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. They consult for building owners, building managers, and other stakeholders that are required to comply with DOB code. VSA can also manage elevator modernizations, surveys, CAT Witness Testing, and other services. For more information, go to

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