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New York City: The DOB Elevator Category 1 Inspection

The Department of Buildings in New York City requires a Category 1 Inspection by December 31st of every year. What this means for your building managers or other persons responsible for upkeeping compliance of your elevators is that paperwork must be turned in by December 31st of each calendar year to ensure that your Category 1 test has been performed and then submitted to the DOB by December 31, 2020.

What happens if there are defects found?

Completing these tests earlier in the year allow your building manager to ensure that after the inspection these defects can be corrected and then certified via an Affirmed Correction. (ELV-29) Please note that this is the same form used to correct Elevator PVT (“E-Elevator”) violations.

The timing for this is also very important. All defects must be corrected with 120 days of the elevators original inspection date. This provides a little more time from the previous 45-day correction and 15-day filing periods.

If we don’t make the deadlines, what kind of fees am I looking at?

Currently, these are the fees that will be assessed. These can change at any time, so we have included some helpful links to the DOB below.

· Category 1 Annual Inspection: $150/month

· Affirmation of Correction: $150/month

· Category 5 Inspection: $250/month

You can file inspections late with penalty. However, you may not perform inspections late. There are also other punitive action, so if you do plan on filing late, you can see the following links for more information.

Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc., can take care of all the paperwork and perform the Category 1 Witness Testing for your building. Just get in touch and we will accommodate your needs and schedule.

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