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New York City Requires OSHA Safety Training. (Local Law 196)

Since September, 2020 OSHA has required 40 hour of instruction on potentially hazardous activity. OSHA also requires the appropriate safety training from their employer, as defined in OSHA standards.

Vertical Systems Analysis (VSA) is an authorized OSHA trainer. Through this established training program, vertical transportation workers can attend 10 hour or 40 hour classes. The 10-hour class is intended for any vertical transportation employee while the 40-hour class is for supervisors or workers that have safety responsibility. This also fulfills the hours required by law.

Classes can be held at VSA's offices

Call for custom classes at your location or to discuss virtual options.

Call: 1-800-989-5525

Topics Include

· Intro to OSHA

· Focus Four Hazards


· Construction Health Hazards

· Materials Handling

· Tools

· Scaffolds

· Cranes-Derricks-Hoists-Elevators

· Stairways & Ladders

· Steel Erection

· Confined Space

Local Law 196, enacted in 2017, requires workers at construction sites requiring Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators and Construction Superintendents, to have safety training. Currently, workers are required to complete this 40-hour safety course approved by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As of September 1, 2020 these 40-hours of training are required.

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