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New! New York City Elevator Code Required Compliance.

Effective May, 2018 - Compliance Required January, 2020.

If your company operates an elevator in New York City, you need to be aware of this new retroactive code requirement. For buildings in New York City, there is a retroactive elevator upgrade that will need to be complete by January, 2020 to be in compliance with this new law.


Effective May 20, 2018, elevator door monitoring work performed per Section 3.10.12 of chapter K3 of Appendix K of the New York City Building Code:

· The application must be filed by an elevator agency director approved by the Buildings Department, rather than a design professional.

· Design drawings, including approval letter(s) from the controller manufacturer or registered design professional, are not required to be submitted to the Department, but must be kept in the premises’ machine rooms and made available to the Department upon request.

· Tests and inspections must be performed by an approved elevator inspection agency (applicant) and witnessed by an approved elevator inspection agency not affiliated with the agency performing the test.

Permit Applications

Applications must still be filed with the Department in DOB NOW: Build (using the PPN process).

Test Notification Elevator agency directors must notify the Department at least 48 hours prior to inspection and test by sending an email to Inspection/Test Report

Submit the ELV3 form to the Department by email to Please refer to 1RCNY Section 101-02 and 1RCNY Section 101-07 for more information


This code has to do with the door locking mechanism and went into effect in 2015.

There are many ways that VSA can help your company or building comply.

We work with NYC companies that operate hundreds of elevators, every single day. At VSA we are experts at knowing automatically what is needed in order to comply with this new regulation that affects all buildings with elevators.

We can lead your company in the overall compliance process by:

· VSA will survey all buildings/elevators to determine scope & type of monitoring necessary.

· VSA will confirm and inform electrical requirements for sufficient service.

· VSA will send an RFP (Request for proposal) based on the two points above to elevator maintenance providers requesting survey and proposal for door lock monitoring installation.

· VSA will evaluate and recommend top proposals.

· VSA will forward top proposals to each Property Manager to distribute to the Board with two (2) approved manufacturers.

· VSA to verify pricing and schedule for the installation to be completed.

· VSA to do a witness inspection after each installation to ensure compliance as the NYC DOB compliance officer.

Please note the scope of work for this upgrade requires filing a permit with the Department of Buildings, a DOB or third party sign off as well as updated and professionally sealed by a professional engineer the schematic diagrams for each controller. We can help with these filings as well.

This process typically takes about 6 – 8 weeks, so be sure to contact us to initiate the process soon so you don’t risk not being in compliance by the required date.

Other New York Elevator Services

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