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Looking for ways to reduce your Elevator Operating Costs? We have a list of quick steps to take.

New York City, VSA Consulting has identified a list of steps your building manager or property owner can take in the next 60 days to reduce the overall elevator operating costs. As you likely know commercial buildings are complex and maintaining the certifications required is often labor intensive and requires diligence. This is especially difficult since regulations and standards tend to change often. Also, the buildings elevator is often the number one source of electricity in most buildings. VSA Consulting (VSA) is a premier elevator consulting company with 35 years of service in New York City. The following recommendations can be completed in as little as 60 – days.

1. Review and understand the terms of your contract. Be sure that what you are receiving matches up with the needs of your building and elevator. This is often a place to look first.

2. Plan the lifecycle of your equipment and what to look for; and when. Preventative maintenance is always better than fixing it later.

3. Be sure to understand when certifications and regulation compliance is due. Fees and fines can add up quickly, so be proactive with scheduling these.

4. Just like in #3 above know your inspection dates. This will help you avoid costly fees as well.

5. Make sure you keep all the elevator records and that they are always complete and accurate. This will help to provide informed patterns of wear and trends with needed services.

6. Get to know your service provider. The more you know about the mechanical services they provide on your equipment the better informed you will be.

7. Understand all of the lines on your billing. This will help to ensure you are not billed for services you are not receiving.

Elevators will remain one of the highest value assets in any building they occupy. The more you know about what services and contracts you have for maintenance, the better. Just being mindful of when things are due and what you are being billed for will help make sure you aren’t being overcharged or charged for services you don’t need.

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