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Key Information for Property Managers and Building Owners to know.

Vertical Systems Analysis created this key information blog for property managers and property owners to help ensure that their elevators and escalators are performing well throughout this year and for years to come. As all property managers and owners know that when elevators go down is inconvenient for all building occupants and it can also create havoc on others that visit, occupy or manage the building.

Those most affected by elevator downtime often have limited knowledge of how elevator equipment is maintained and managed. This is because escalator and elevator equipment is mechanically complex and very specialized. Vertical Systems Analysis provides this list as a way of empowering building owners and other stakeholders with key information that can assist them in keeping their elevators and escalators running smooth through the end of 2022 and for years to come.

Here is the Vertical Systems Analysis checklist for building owners and managers.

1. Keep Your Service Records.

Always keep a detailed record of your maintenance on your elevators and escalators. Be sure to analyze them as well. You may be already paying for services you aren’t receiving. Be sure you always have these up to date too.

2. This may seem like a simple one, but always be sure you actually understand the service contracts for your elevators and escalators. There is important information in them that will protect the building owners and tenants.

3. Track Your Elevator Performance Against Industry Standards. Understand how to know whether the elevator performance is within industry standards. Some ways to track performance is through downtimes and other issues as well as usage.

4. Be sure to stay on top of safety code requirements to avoid costly non-compliance fees.

5. One of the most effective tips is to simply have a working knowledge of the escalator and elevator equipment within your building. This key understanding will also help you with all of the other tips.

VSA Consulting is here to help property managers and property owners with all of the complexities of vertical transportation management. By providing consulting services, industry knowledge research, emerging technology, modernizations and more, VSA Consulting can help your building with all the property manager and property owner vertical transportation needs.

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