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Keep Your Elevators and Escalators Operationally Sound with the Vertical Systems Analysis checklist.

As a building manager, you know that when elevators, escalators, or any other vertical systems go down, you are suddenly faced with turmoil for the people who rely on them. Those affected, whether building managers, tenants, or even visitors, often don’t realize the degree of mechanical complexity and the high level of specialization required to fix the equipment.

At Vertical Systems Analysis, we want to help you be proactive about your systems’ maintenance and also eliminate the frustration that can come in the event of a possible failure of your elevators and escalators. We’ve developed the VSA Elevator checklist – a guide for vertical systems managers to assist with keeping everything moving reliably and efficiently.

Based on years of hands-on experience with specialized vertical transportation systems, our Elevator checklist contains information that is crucial to help manage your systems. As a building manager, owner or other stakeholders in charge of elevator maintenance, certification and overall safety of your elevator, here are the key things to keep in mind:

· Keep great records of all your maintenance. This will help us get to know all aspects of your system and its equipment.

· We’ll provide counsel so you completely understand service contracts and the associated key terms and conditions. This will ensure you are protecting, tenants as well as the building.

· We’ll help you make sure you are measuring your elevator’s performance against industry standards as well as methodologies including entrapment, usage, downtimes and other issues.

· Learning about your local code requirements. Properly understanding these is critical and can prevent you from incurring excessive costs from non-compliance fees.

· Understanding key terminology of service contracts, and conditions set forth in them that help you to protect your building, its owners, and its tenants.

The VSA Elevator Playbook is designed to give building owners and property managers a leg up with their system’s maintenance demands. By providing information based on our working industry knowledge, research of emerging technology trends, and more, our VSA Elevator check list provides building personnel a better ability to make decisions and alleviate concerns about day-to-day and even emergency-based vertical transportation operations.

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