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Is it Time for an Elevator Modernization?

If your building hydraulic elevator is over 20 years old, or your overhead traction elevator is 30 years old, it is likely time for an upgrade. The shortest lifespans are Machine Room Less (MRL) traction elevators that only have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. This is because (MRL) elevators rely on computerized controllers.

When an elevator approaches its lifespan, the elevator components can begin to wear and repairs become more expensive. Also, like with a car, the replacement parts become harder to find and often more expensive. This adds downtime to the elevator while you are waiting to locate the parts needed. This is especially an issue in buildings that must have working elevators 24/7.

VSAConsulting can help identify when your elevators are nearing the end of their usable lifecycle in order to work with your building managers and owners on a modernization strategy. Significant planning goes into this process, so planning for it can be helpful in ensuring the process is smooth and cost effective.

Planning Your Elevator Modernization

Modernization is a significant undertaking for any building. Here are several things that VSAConsulting can steward your building owner through the process of:

· You’ll need a licensed elevator consultant such as VSAConsulting.

· VSAConsulting can help you secure local and state permits before modernization work can begin.

· VSAConsulting can put together a project schedule with the associated elevator downtime.

· Work may be required by other trades for fire alarm systems, electrical panel upgrades and HVAC systems, etc.

A Benefit of Modernization is an increase in building energy efficiency. The elevator typically accounts for 2% to 5% of the building’s total energy consumption. Just like in everything else today’s technology continues to improve, so upgrading will improve the energy efficiency of the entire building.

VSAConsulting is a New Your City licensed elevator consulting company. You can reach them at to discuss any of your building modernization needs. They are located in midtown Manhattan and can also be reached at 212-989-5525.

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