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Going Up?

Check with Us before you re-engage your passenger elevators and escalators Your building has been down for weeks and you rightfully shut down the elevators and escalators in your office, or retail building. This saved electricity and maintenance costs associated with running your vertical transportation elevators and escalators. Now, as Owners start to tentatively re-open for business, there are some things to keep in mind that might make your elevators and escalators run defectively and also lead to costly repairs in the coming months.

  • An escalator has many vulnerable parts including the many different types of rollers and bearings. Any one of many rollers on a escalator could go flat and damage numerous components within the escalator machinery.

  • During this time of the elevator inactivity, the car guide rollers could have gone flat. This would result in terrible ride quality. Even worse, this could cause the rollers to break and damage the car sling and/or guard rails.

  • The Elevator Gear Case could leak and run out of oil due to the elevator being dormant. This particular problem is not prevalent when the elevator or escalator is in constant use and is receiving monthly preventative maintenance but without use and without the maintenance, it could burn up the machine.

  • Lastly, with settling during inactivity there could be debris stuck in the elevator machinery or escalator that could result in a shutdown or major damage either one.

Before you return your building for commercial or retail use, have your elevators and escalators checked for any problems. Many of the parts remain in optimum shape with continuous use, so you may not be aware of what can go wrong with escalators and elevators when they have been inactive for a period of weeks or months. You will want Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc., to perform a check on the readiness of that equipment to now carry passengers, give us a call. 212-989-5525. Let us know your preferred week and we will schedule in advance.”

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