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Elevator Modernizations for your NYC Building

Updating your elevator is not something that typically lands on the top of the to-do list for most businesses.

However, ignoring certain issues can lead to costly repairs and poor performance.

Elevator modernization is one solution to avoiding those issues. Modernization typically includes updating or replacing existing parts such as doors, controllers, and machines. Elevators last up to 25 years on average, so it’s expected that some maintenance will have to be done over the years.

As with any project, the first step for business owners is to get a detailed quote on the work. This should include the scope of the project, a full list of required new equipment, a proposed timeline, and any other details relevant to the completion of the job.

After receiving one, or several, quotes on completing your elevator modernization, take the time to evaluate your options. While these projects are costly, simply going with the cheapest option around may leave you with a bigger headache than you started with.

One way to alleviate those headaches is to bring on an elevator consultant to manage your project that knows how to ask the right questions. If that isn’t an option, being able to ask the following questions will help give you an idea of what you’re paying for:

● Is the door package included?

● Will the machine be reused or refurbished?

● Is the non-elevator work included in fire life safety, general construction, and electrical?

● Will the essential equipment be proprietary or non-proprietary?

This is just a start, though. Be sure to inquire about anything that is unclear.

Modernizing an elevator is a large undertaking, so some companies opt to bring in a consultant to oversee the project that’s specialized in the area.

Whether you opt to hire a company yourself or bring in a pro, elevator modernization is a small price to pay to avoid larger issues on down the line with older equipment.

VSAConsulting is a licensed in New York City elevator consulting company. Our company has done many elevator modernizations and can help you with yours. Just contact us today for more information.

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