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As a building owner or building manager, there comes a time when just making costly repairs to your vertical transportation is no longer the best option.

If your building elevators are wasting you money, energy or are simply continuously breaking down it may be time for an elevator modernization plan. Elevator modernizations typically increase the value of the building as well as provide a better passenger experience. They often also provide valuable space too as the footprint of the equipment is less than the older equipment because of efficiencies. Once you reach a certain point in the life of your elevator or escalator, repairs aren’t the most optimal option as parts become harder to source and a more significant upgrade is necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

Modernization is a cost-effective way to avoid full equipment replacement, and offers benefits that are quantitative and may easily outweigh the costs of not doing the modernization in the short term.

  • As a building owner or building manager, you will enjoy lower energy bills thanks to more energy-efficient technologies and systems.

  • With more modern equipment you will enjoy even more cost savings and even fewer inconveniences as you will have less downtime for repairs.

  • The passenger experience will improve because of more modern equipment that will have smoother acceleration and deceleration. Plus there will be less noise and vibration.

  • Improved passenger safety through updated features, enhanced communication and standards that meet all the current code requirements.

  • Plus another benefit of modernization is improved passenger safety because of feature updates.

  • The building will appreciate in value because of the investment made in more modern equipment.

  • Another benefit is that more modern equipment typically has less of a footprint than older equipment which will free up more space within the building.

Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc. is an elevator consulting company based in New York City. They complete elevator modernizations all over New York City. To inquire about their services, please call 1-800-989-5525. You can also reach out to them by emailing

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