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Elevator Consulting Services in 2023

VSA Consulting provides a number of Elevator Consulting services

NEW ELEVATOR CONSTRUCTION (Vertical Transportation)

As a building manager or building owner, you understand that it can be very frustrating to have elevator equipment that was purchased as top-of-the-line, but is now failing to deliver the expected performance. This may be due to the proprietary nature of some of the manufacturers’ computerized control systems. In other words, these top-of-the-line computerized systems often become obsolete when repairs or parts become harder to locate. If you are in the market for a new elevator, we can help in a number of ways.

At VSA Consulting we provide critical evaluations of your current systems and equipment. This allows you as a building manager or property manager to make informed decisions about manufacturer choice that best fits your needs as well as the specifications for your new elevator. At VSA Consulting we are there with you from specifications to overall project management through the delivery of your new elevator.


VSA Consulting regularly conducts on site surveys of the vertical transportation within the building. This can be elevators or escalators. As part of this survey process we collect detailed information on the existing elevator and escalator equipment, check all the hoistways and machine rooms, measure the various performance times and take note of any maintenance or performance issues.

When we deliver the survey results to the building owner or building manager. The survey will provide critical information such as the age, overall condition and assess the performance of your current equipment. As part of this survey, VSAConsulting will also put together recommendations for the long term and short term that will help optimize the performance and cost effectiveness of your current equipment. As part of this service we will also provide a list of recommended services, upgrades and even budget estimates for you in both the long and short term to optimize the performance of your equipment.


VSA Consulting is a full service vertical transportation design and engineering firm. We provide services to architects, building owners as well as directly to elevator companies. We are frequently involved in new construction projects, but a great portion of our work is related to new modernizations and alterations on existing elevator or escalator systems.

VSA Consulting provides elevator submittal shop drawing preparation. This service is well suited to plans for more complicated alterations or modernizations. The drawings created are designed to be submitted to building owners and consultants and are instrumental in ordering and fabricating equipment. These drawings are essential for proper field installation.

To contact VSA Consulting, call 1-800-989-5525, or email

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