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Elevator Consulting

VSA Consulting helps property managers, architects, builders and operations personnel who are responsible for vertical transportation in a new building. As experts for almost 35 years in the elevator industry, our team can be a great addition to your existing team of architects and/or engineers whether you are designing a new building from the first brick, or looking to do Elevator Modernizations which includes designing from an existing elevator and building.

As a top consulting firm in the vertical transportation space, in short, we can help with any construction issues on all types of elevators and escalators. Whether your elevator is hydraulic or not we have expertise in all types of elevators and escalators. Sometimes it is helpful to understand the main goal of the design and how the tenants usage may impact any design for the elevator or escalator. VSA Consulting is up to date with the latest technology as well as code changes for the Department of Buildings in New York and can also make sure that your building meets all the current codes. We are also well versed in all of the green technologies and are well prepared to discuss these with your team. We have a lot of professional experience in the area of elevators and escalators and can put together a detailed plan for your project.

Elevators are a significant energy usage center in any modern building and if you plan to build a smart elevator, the earlier elevator consultants are brought into the discussion the better. This is true whether it is for modernizations or for new design.

VSA Consulting is a professional long operating elevator consulting company with offices in cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami. We help building owners, property managers, architects, facility managers and others keep their elevators and escalators up to date and ensure they are optimized for maximum efficiency. You can take a look at our other pages of the website to see a list of just some of our current clients.

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