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Considering a New Elevator? Start Here.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


As a building manager or owner, it is easy to understand the frustration that arises when your once top-of-the-line elevator equipment fails to meet your expectations due to proprietary control systems becoming obsolete or parts that can no longer order. If you're in need of a new elevator, we're here to assist you in various ways.

VSA Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive surveys of your current systems and equipment. This enables you, as a building or property manager, to make informed decisions regarding equipment that best suits your needs and those of your internal and external stakeholders in your new elevator or modernization. From start to finish, we offer full project management services, ensuring a smooth delivery and installation process.

ELEVATOR SURVEY SERVICES At VSA Consulting, we conduct on-site surveys of your vertical transportation systems, including elevators and escalators. Through this thorough survey process, we gather detailed information on your existing equipment, inspect hoistways and machine rooms, measure performance metrics, and identify any maintenance or performance issues.

Upon completion, we provide you with a comprehensive survey report. This report includes crucial information such as the age, overall condition, and performance assessment of your current equipment. Additionally, we offer recommendations for both short-term and long-term optimizations, along with a list of suggested services, upgrades, and budget estimates to enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of your existing equipment.

DESIGN ENGINEERING As a full-service vertical transportation design and engineering firm, VSA Consulting caters to architects, building owners, and elevator companies. While we are experienced in new construction projects, a significant part of our expertise lies in modernizing and altering existing elevator and escalator systems. We excel in elevator submittal shop drawing preparation, especially for complex alterations or modernizations. Our drawings are specifically tailored for submission to building owners and consultants, serving as instrumental guides for equipment ordering, fabrication, and proper field installation.

For further assistance or to get in touch with VSA Consulting, please call 1-800-989-5525 or email We look forward to helping you with your vertical transportation system.

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