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A Full Service Vertical Transportation Company.

Vertical Systems Analysis, Inc., is a full service engineering and elevator design firm. We are unique from other elevator consultants as in addition to providing our services to building owners and architects we also provide services directly to elevator companies. We are most frequently involved with new construction, but a lot of our projects are also modernizations or working with existing structures and modernizing their vertical transportation equipment.

VSA Consulting provides expert consultation on new building construction and ensuring that project managers have the best available information to make informed decisions about vertical transportation. Even if your project isn’t about new construction, but modernization of an existing building VSA has the experience and expertise to help your project from inception through completion.

Vertical transportation systems are one of the most important decisions a project manager will make when evaluating manufacturers, maintenance services and computerized control systems.

By choosing VSA Consulting, decisions will be better informed and evaluated as various elevator companies and their proprietary computerized control systems are scrutinized for the purpose of finding the best fit for your project and building ownership.

Every project is different and VSA Consulting provides a number of services that relate to vertical transportation. VSA can provide end to end consulting from the very beginning of a project through the end and ensuring your equipment is up to date on all elevator and escalator certifications and operating regulations and requirements.

We would be happy to help you with any of your vertical transportation requirements. Call us at 1-800-989-5525. We have offices in major cities including Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Miami.

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