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6 Steps to Reduce Elevator Operating Costs in Commercial Buildings

Vertical Systems Analysis is announcing a list of a few easy steps any property manager can implement in order to reduce operating costs in a mere 60 days. For commercial real estate property managers, a recognition that buildings are complex and are also subject to changing regulations and standards. Managing commercial real estate properties is costly and often labor intensive.

Vertical Systems Analysis is a professional vertical transportation consulting firm with over 35-years of experience in a half dozen cities around the country including, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, New York City and more. Vertical Systems Analysis has gathered the following recommendations for property managers of commercial elevators that will provide significant savings in just a mere 2 months.

1. Sometimes just reviewing the contract will yield savings because often, all of the services the building is contracted to receive are not actually being utilized.

2. Catalog and understand all of the building equipment and understand each products lifecycle and potential issues and in what year they may arise.

3. Mark your equipment testing dates. If an elevator fails inspection, this is one of the most common reasons for them failing and accruing costly fines.

4. Make it the job of the property manager to keep and catalog building records, ensuring all the data about the building and equipment is accurate and complete. This will allow you later to go back and look for patterns that will make it easier to make informed decisions.

5. Cultivate a business relationship with the mechanic and technician that services the equipment. This may help when immediate service disruptions occasionally happen.

6. Maybe most importantly, understand each line item of your invoices. This will ensure you are only being charged for services requested.

Elevators will always be one of the most high-value assets in any commercial building. Paying attention to some of these helpful oversight ideas could save more than you think.

To find out more information on how Vertical Systems Analysis can help your building, contact us.

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