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3 Reasons to schedule Periodic Inspections.

As a property manager or building owner, scheduling periodic maintenance on your vertical transportation is crucial for passenger safety. Routine maintenance checks can prolong the life of your elevator and provide a smoother, safer travel experience while also the added benefit of likely saving you time and money.

So, to recap, routine elevator maintenance will help ensure safety for the building elevator passengers while also alerting building owners and managers to any of the elevator components that should be replaced or serviced.

Preventative Elevator Maintenance

Vertical Transportation breakdowns can lead to elevator downtime, serious injury, or worse. Preventative elevator maintenance can help mitigate the issue through regular upkeep.

Critical periodic testing will help identify any critical signs of wear and tear, or other problems that could impede an elevator or escalator's proper function. Performing this critical function can help identify damaged or worn-out parts and make adjustments to the equipment.

Another big benefit of preventative elevator maintenance is that it can result in fewer calls to elevator repair companies to fix issues that likely could have been prevented.

A Long Elevator Life

How long should your vertical transportation last? Well, that depends mainly on the type and intended use of your elevator. Generally speaking, if an elevator is more than twenty years old, it may be an appropriate time to look into modernization. Elevators typically end their cost-effective lives after about 25 years. This is in general terms and may not describe your particular situation.

Several variables determine the life expectancy of vertical transportation/elevators. At the top of the list are environmental factors, changes in technology and service type. The Building Owners and Managers Association recommends mandatory maintenance checks to increase an elevator's lifespan. In New York City, these are governed and mandated in elevator code by the DOB.

Increased Cost Efficiency of Your Elevator

Regular maintenance checks can help optimize energy consumption of your building’s elevator equipment. There is a vast range of cost-effective solutions that can be chosen to optimize elevator equipment, ensuring energy efficiency and this also has the probability of significantly reducing your building’s energy costs.

VSAConsulting can help your company through many of our professional elevator consulting services. You can also call us at 1-800-989-5525.

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