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3 Great Reasons to Hire an Elevator Consultant.

Building owners and property managers know that elevator consultants can save you resources time and money while helping ensure that all vertical transportation systems continue to work in peak performance.

Safe, reliable escalators and elevators is the goal of every building owner and manager. As a manager it is your goal every day to ensure they are working for all commercial and residential owners as well as their visitors.

Most buildings have elevator contracts that are often very complex and these contracts contain many caveats and details that building managers are required to keep up to date on throughout the year. Also, within these contracts even the smallest details can have a big impact in costs and time.

It is with these facts in mind, that many building owners and managers choose to work with an independent 3rd party elevator consulting firm. Vertical Systems Analysis is one of these third-party consulting firms and is registered and licensed by the DOB in New York City. Here are 3 Great Reasons to hire an Elevator Consulting Company.

1. Save Time and Money with Maintenance, Upgrades and Repairs.

Elevators and Escalators in any building are a considered purchase and a big expense for the building owners and managers. Plus, after the purchase there is also considerable money in maintaining, repairing and then any upgrades that are required can also be a major expense.

Building managers often hire a professional elevator consulting company that is an independent third party that can help them navigate and understand the elevator service contracts they have. This allows the building manager to be more informed about what upgrades and fixes should be completed on a timeline to maximize both the safety and cost savings in their building.

Elevator installations and upgrades are expensive and the cost savings of hiring an elevator consulting company in most cases will save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

2. An Elevator Consulting company provides and unbiased review of Building Owner needs and of their Service Partners.

There are well over 1,000,000 elevators in the U.S. Elevator maintenance continues to be a giant industry that is not slowing down. Building Owners everywhere look for the right elevator consulting company to help them focus on long term and short term projects.

The third party unbiased role that an elevator consulting company plays in servicing elevators and escalators is a reason why their services are so sought after by Building owners and managers all across the country. The nature of this role allows them to provide expert advice and make recommendations that often save the building owner or manager both time and money.

3. Increase Your ROI.

That’s right. By hiring an elevator consultant, it can increase the ROI in the vertical transportation spending of the business owner and manager. This is because the elevator consultant can help ensure that quality products are being used and they will optimize compliance with state and local laws that will help the building owners and managers avoid fines, lawsuits and other negative consequences.

In other words, hiring a quality elevator consulting company will in most cases pay for itself by focusing the building owners on ways they can ensure safety for the vertical transportation passengers while saving them money by helping them oversee the service contracts they already have in place.

Vertical Systems Analysis (VSA) is a professional elevator consulting company that has been headquartered in New York City since 1986. We provide professional elevator consulting in the areas of modernizations, surveys, witness testing and more. For more information about our company, please visit the website or

call (212) 989-6860.

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