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2024 NYC Elevator Checklist for Building Owners and Managers.

Vertical Systems Analysis has developed this essential guide to assist property owners and managers in ensuring their elevators and escalators perform optimally throughout 2024 and beyond. Property owners and managers understand that elevator downtime significantly inconveniences everyone in the building, making it crucial to minimize these interruptions.

Understanding Elevator and Escalator Maintenance

Those most impacted by non-operational elevators often lack detailed knowledge of the maintenance and management of vertical transportation systems. Elevators and escalators are mechanically complex, with highly specialized components.

Vertical Systems Analysis has compiled a checklist to empower building managers and stakeholders with vital information for 2024 and the future.

Vertical Systems Analysis Checklist for Building Owners and Managers.

  1. Maintain Comprehensive Service Records

While it might seem straightforward, many people fail to keep detailed records of maintenance on their elevators and escalators. These records are invaluable for any company servicing or evaluating your elevator or escalator equipment. Additionally, thorough records ensure you are not paying for services you haven't received. Or, conversely paying for services you have already received. Always keep these records up to date.

  1. Monitor Elevator Performance Against Industry Standards

Your local Department of Buildings provides industry standards. Understanding how to evaluate whether your elevator's performance meets these standards is crucial. Performance can be tracked through metrics such as downtime and usage.

  1. Stay Current with Safety Code Requirements to Avoid Costly Fees

Regularly check local code requirements through the Department of Buildings. Not staying current can result in significant fines.  Vertical Systems Analysis stays current with all new code requirements and can assist you in this area.

  1. Develop a Working Knowledge of Your Equipment

Familiarizing yourself with the details of your elevator and escalator equipment will help you with all of the other points we have outlined in this blog. If you encounter something you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask.

VSA Consulting Can Help!

VSA Consulting supports property managers and owners with the complexities of vertical transportation management. Our services include consulting, new construction, witness testing, emerging technology, modernizations, and more. Contact us at for all your vertical transportation needs.



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